Frequently Asked Questions

What is Itsy?

Itsy Is a unique way to get more exposure for your online business without getting without getting blocked by sites like MacAfee claiming your site is risky for no reason. It is a way for search engines to pick up your site quickly and easily. It is 2 contact mailers and advertising heaven for your own sites right here at Itsy.

Can I Join Free?

Yes you can join free and take a look around and decide what membership level is right for you

What Paid Membership Levels Do You Have

We have Pro, Expert and Founder Membership. Each level gives you more and more advertising power. Please see the main sales page bottom for the Pricing of our membership levels.

Who Owns Itsy Linx?

JAM Marketing Inc Owns Itsy Linx. You can read all about us right here

What is the Best Kind of Itsy Link To Use In Promotions?

A Custom Itsy Link is the best kind of link to use in order to not get blocked or labelled Risky. Keep The Custom words short at the end of your Itsy link. It is limited to 20 characters so think short.

Can I Edit My Itsy Links?

Yes You can always Edit Your Itsy Links on the My Links Page. You can change all parts of the link depending on your needs.

Who Get To Use The Mailer At Itsy?

Pro, Expert and Founding members can use both the Itsy Mailer and the Downline mailer. Please see the bottom of the main sales page for frequency of mailing and numbers of members you can mail to.

What is The Ad Profits Page?

All Members of Itsy Linx Get Free Advertising on our Ad Profits Page.
Your Itsy Links that you create show up on the Ad Profits Page. If you are an upgraded member your banner and email ads show up on the Ad Profit Page. Members can click on the ads and earn Itsy Credits and apply those Credits Towards the purchase of additional Itsy Ads or Banner Ads.

Where does the Ad Profit Page Show?

The Ad Profits Page Shows up on the Main Sales Page and on all Affiliate pages and in the members area of Itsy. Ads that are seen on the Ad Profits page get a lot of traffic to them.

What are the Benefits of Upgrading My Account?

Earn paid membership level of ItsyLinx gives you more Itsy Ads, Banner Ads and access to the Itsy Mailer and the DownLine Mailer. Your ads that appear on the Ad Profits Page rotate and are more often then free members Itsy Ads. Please check the bottom of the sales page or your members area for the Upgrade Levels and The Benefits at each level

Will I Get Stats For My Itsy Links?

Yes You will get Stats in the members area of Itsy Linx . You will get stats for your Itsy Ads , Your Banner Ads and Your Email Ads.

Where Can I Edit My Isty Links?

In the members area there is a menu item called Linx Wizard. Once You set some Itsy Links, go to the drop down menu item that says: My Links
and you can edit or delete your Itsy ads right there.

Do I Get Free Advertising at Itsy Linx?

Yes your Itsy ads and banner ads and email ads all appear on the Ad Profit Page in the members area and on the main sales site and all affiliate sites. The Higher Your membership level at Itsy Linx, the more often your ads will show and the more traffic you will get to them. The more traffic you get, the more sign ups and sales you will get.

How Many People Can I send solo ads to at Itsylinx ?

Pro members can mail to 1000 every 5 days. Expert members can mail to 2000 every 3 days. founder can mail to over 11,000 every 2 days. Well worth the investment. This mailer is superb.