The Pathways. Here is a way you can help yourself.

A few minor changes were made to help
all members cycle the $1. feeder and $5.
starter faster.

Whether or not you decide to promote, the goal
is to get up to 5 feeder positions as soon as you can.

Don’t get left behind. You need to get in this now.

Get a $1. pif into the $1. feeder when funds are
in my account.

Think of this:

1 feeder gets you 5.
5 feeders gets you 25.

All this with no referrals.

If you have a few extra dollars in your account
and don’t have 5 feeders, get them.

If you have downline members with fewer
than 5 feeders, help them get 5.

Those referral bonuses start to add up.

If you click on the spreadsheet (click on feeder
or $20. matrix link), you will see more and more
members with multiple positions in the $1. feeder.

Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.

Carl Goodnight