A few ways you can help yourself at Tron Wallet Filler.

First of all, let’s define what a 2 x 3 matrix is.

1. First level requires 2 to fill.

You will see a 2 under level 1.

2. Second level requires 4 to fill.

You will see a 4 under level 2.

3. Third level requires 8 to fill.

You will see an 8 under level 3.

Level 3 is the p.ayline. Each position
filled at level 3 generates revenue for
you and your s.ponsor.

Here is how you can help yourself even
if you have not recruited anybody.

Spillover happens all over the place and
you want to make sure you get your share.

This is what happens when a team forced
acts like a company forced. A new concept
in matrices that works quite well even if you
don’t recruit.

A. Click on matrix view and scroll down to
where you see Flows One 2by3.

If you have open matrices, where all first
levels have a 2 in them, you need to purchase
at least 2 flow 1 matrix positions.

The reason being that if you are next to get
spillover (not the same as next in line) on the
first level and you don’t have an open spot to
fill, someone with an open spot will get it.

B. You can also help to cycle yourself, by
purchasing flow 1 positions or get a bunch
of flow feeder positions that will eventually
cycle the feeder into a flow 1 position.

I have several matrices where my username
is scattered all over the matrix at all 3 levels
and I see others the same way.

Each flow feeder you purchase gets you a
contest entry. You might win. Another
revenue source.

I use these strategies all the time to help
not only myself, but my direct downline
members and downlines of downlines,
a few levels down.

Matrix view allows you to drill down several
levels to see who needs help.

This is a powerful feature that few matrices have.

C. Another way is to pif members filling
your first level with a flow feeder position,
even if they are not your referrals.

When they cycle into a flow 1 position,
chances are highly likely they will fill
matrix positions under you, helping you
to get to level 3 (the p.ayline).

I can’t just write strategies without offering
new members a way to get into this program.

Register and get a flow feeder pif.

Send me the following information:

1. Sponsors username – check stats.

2. Your username.

Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.

Carl Goodnight