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Mail Our List (MOL) What Is It?

Mail Our List is a Safelist which is an
email advertising membership website where
you can promote your product or service.

Membership allows you to send your email
advertisement to random members daily for
free or upgrade for a fee to send to even
more members. Recruiting new members allows
you to make money here on direct sales even
as a free member. (13,351 members - 8,144
Active as of Aug 2020)

What Is In It For Me?

You can promote your product or service
inside an active website that is designed to
show what you are selling to active members
looking for such things. You can also sell
the platform itself to those looking for
ways to promote their products or services
and make commissions at the same time. In
old school advertising methods, this would
be like advertising your product or service
in the newspaper and the newspaper paying
you commissions because you referred your
friends to them to do the same. Mail Our
List has been in business since 2012 and is
now owned by World Traffic Services LLC. You
can be secure in the knowledge that Mail Our
List will continue to be around for the long
term with some of the best support in the

What Should I Do Next?

Join for free and start promoting your
products and services on this platform. Use
promo code “newmember” to get started with
some free sends. You have the option of
reading other members emails to get sends
to send your own, buy sends at low prices or
upgrading in order to send to even more
members daily. Sends can also be used for
banner and text advertising. Solo
advertising is also available. For a small
fee you can send to all active members.

Check out this great mailer today.

Tony Mathews
World Traffic Services