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Bundled Emails Give You Tons of Credits without Jamming Up Your Inbox
YourViralTraffic will be re-launched and converted to a brand new advertising platform on Monday at noon.

 It will no longer be just a safelist mailer like the others in the Your Viral Network.

 YourViralTraffic will tune itself to each member for maximum attention to your ads.  It is a complete ad platform that encompasses targeted email, news feed, and other ways of getting your prospects attention on your ad.

 We do not just send your ad to everyone's email. We deliver the ad in the way which is best for each individual prospect. It tunes itself to each member to get maximum attention for your ads.

This will be a great opportunity to build your list and earn commissions. Most launch revenue and the highest conversions happen in the first week when no one you are advertising to has heard of it before.

As with other Your Viral Network sites, you can attach your GetResponse, Aweber, or ConvertKit Autoresponder, and referrals will also be added to YourSuccessAdvantage.

What is Different? The relaunched YourViralTraffic will Not be just a safelist mailer Premium Members can send their ads three times as often as free members, and to more people without having to earn credits.

Unlike other Your Viral Network mailers, you cannot earn a Premium Membership - NO passing up referrals to your sponsor

Use commissions earned from your referrals to upgrade to Premium Membership Two-tiered commission structure.

 Free Members earn 25% commissions and Premium Members earn 50% commissions

Any member can promote their referral link and all the signups you receive will stay with you.  Join for free during Pre-Launch

Lifetime, 30 and 90 Day Premium optionsI make the most referrals and  earn the most commissions during launches.  Won't you join me?